Our Team

Bynum Hall

Bynum Hall, home to The Graduate School

  • Christine Scalora, master’s degree candidate, School of Media and Journalism
  • Carol Bono, master’s degree candidate, School of Media and Journalism
  • Lauren Houston, master’s degree candidate, School of Media and Journalism
  • Deb Saine, communications manager, The Graduate School
  • Rachell Underhill, web and information manager, The Graduate School
  • Rob Bacchus, assistant dean for development and alumni relations, The Graduate School
  • Steve Matson, dean, The Graduate School

In front of Bynum Hall, which houses The Graduate School, stands a spectacular fountain. It is a popular gathering place and welcomes visitors to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The title of The Graduate School’s first magazine, The Fountain, was inspired by this sparkling landmark. Since 1999, The Fountain showcased the accomplishments of graduate students, while also reflecting the dynamic, multi-faceted nature of graduate education.

Times change. Communications are evolving to include more multimedia and interactive formats. The Graduate School’s new print and digital publications embrace this new media landscape.

Reinvigorated publications deserve a reimagined name. We called on the Carolina community to help us find the perfect one. Proposed by graduate student Katie Aiello, the Carolina Chronicle was chosen by our graduate alumni from among scores of ideas submitted by UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students. Our goal is for the Carolina Chronicle to forge connections between graduate alumni and graduate students.

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